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Deer Fencing. What do I need?

The best deer EXCLUSION fence is made of stainless steel wire reinforced twine netting with 19mm x 19mm netting squares.

Its flexible, rot and weather resistant and UV stabilised.

With a lifespan of 15+ years the cost of ownership is lower than traditional post and wire fencing.

It is recomended to use a minimum height of 1.8m netting to stop deer being able to jump over.

Using black or galvanised star pickets at 3m spacings will ensure a strong deer fence that will stand the test of time and the force of a running deer! Think of it as avertical trampoline for deer rather than traditional wire which will highly likely injure or traumatise a deer.

If you would like a price for the supply and install of a deer fence, please contact us now.

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